There are 4 types of resources: building, advanced, battle and specialty


These resources are required to build your standard buildings and units. They are typically acquired through Resource Buildings and generate over time.

Building Resources
Resource Producer
Gold Quest and Raid battles
Lumber Wood Mill
Wheat Wheat Mill
Stone Stone Mason
Iron Iron Works
Gems* Quests, Videos, and purchasing with money

  • These are needed to build the warehouse, which holds excess resources and shrines which gives your kingdom permanent boosts.


These resources are required to build advanced buildings and units. They are received as rewards from Golden Chests(Broken or Unlocked) or upgraded from the lower level resource. Each advance in the resource takes 2 of the previous resource to make.

Advanced Resources
Resource Producer
Crystals Golden Chest, Quest battles
Moonstone Golden Chest, Moonstone Refinery, Quest battles
Quicksilver Golden Chest, Quicksilver Refinery, Quest battles
Brimstone Golden Chest, Brimstone Refinery, Quest battles
Giant's Blood Golden Chest, Giant's Blood Refinery, Quest battles
Mythril Golden Chest, Mythril Refinery, Quest battles


These resources are used during battles (Quest or Raid). Each resource has a different type of effect, but they all cause damage to the opposing side.

Battle Resources
Resource Producer
Bombs Quest, Golden Chest
Fireball Golden Chest
Lightning Golden Chest
Rabbid Rabits Golden Chest
Snowball Golden Chest


These resources are note used for building or creating units. Currently the only resource in this category are Keys. They are used to unlock Golden Chests.

Specialty Resources
Resource Producer
Keys Golden Chest


There is a special villager which sparkles and carries a sack. He shows up every few hours, when tapped he randomly gives you a resource. However, Keys are not included.